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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Gideon Lamb to Jethro Sumner
Lamb, Gideon, 1741-1781
May 28, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 468-469


Edenton, 28th, 1781. (Probably May.)

Dear Sir:

Your orders respecting my attendance as an officer of the Levies at Hillsborough the 25th of April last I never received untill the first of this Instant which was on my return from Tyrell, neither was it delivered at my house by the express Col. Long sent untill the 24th of April, the day before I ought to have been at Hillsborough. This I hope will be a sufficient reason for my non-at-attendance. I should have come and seen you notwithstanding had not my low state of health prevented me. This is the first time I have been able to ride any distance, having come here this morning

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and am at a loss how to act as I presume my being called was only on account of finely settling the ranks of the officers, in consequence of General Greene's return of the dates of the Commissions of the Officers in Captivity in Charles Town. The time I was to have met being so far relapsed and the State in such confusion, that I don't expect that could be immediately effected, I therefore shall wait your further orders, which shall be as far complyed with as in my power. Nothing Capital has happened here since I wrote you last only last Tuesday a small ship rigged galley came into Currituck Inlett, burnt a small sloop belonging to Mr. George Kelley of Virginia and passed into this sound and has taken a Schooner from Mr. Little John & carried her down the sound and burnt her, also another belonging to Mr. Robt. Smith, laden with 70 or 80 Hhds. Rum and other articles to the amount of 700 Hhd. Tobacco, but after retaken by the towns men, together with a Lieut. & 9 privates. The Cont. 12 months men come in but slow but few here yet, I believe not more than 29. Abner Lamb is here on duty as a cadet in the second Regt. and is the eldest Cadet in the Line of this State. In the mean time I have the honor to be with every sentiment of respect, You Obt., Hum. Servant,


P. S. Genl. Gregory's Camp is still at the N. W. Landing. I shall endeavor to be at the Assembly.

G. L.

Abner Lamb takes the liberty of presenting his Respects to the Genl.

G. L.