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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolution by the Continental Congress concerning commissions for privateers
United States. Continental Congress
November 10, 1780
Volume 16, Page 329

[From Executive Letter Book.]

In Congress, November 10th, 1780.


That it be, and is hereby recommended to the Governors or Presidents of the several States, who grant Commissions, for private vessels of War, that on the back of the Commission there be inserted a minute discription of the persons of the Captain and his Lieutenant with their age, stature, complexion, &c., respectively, certified by the Governor or President under his Seal of Office.

That where Commissions commonly called Letters of Marque and reprisal are granted to armed Vessels going on Merchantile voyages the Master and Chief Mate be required to undersign their clearance in the presence of the Naval Officer of the Port, who is also to insert on the back of the clearance a minute description of the persons of the Master and Chief Mate, with their age, stature, complexion, &c., respectively, and to certify the same under his Signature and Seal of Office.