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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Burke to Thomas Hogg
Burke, Thomas, ca. 1747-1783
March 24, 1782
Volume 16, Page 559


Halifax, March 24th, 1782.

Dear Sir:

I have just received a letter from Major Crofton complaining of my taking from him, as he Calls it, the Command of the State Troops. He surely has no right to Command an Expedition to which I do not deem him equal and for which he is not at all qualified. I intended that the whole Corps, Officers and all, should be under your Command, but I cannot perceive that that deprives him of anything. I have written to him in peremptory Terms requiring him to do his duty under your Orders or to retire with permission or in arrest at his election. I enclose you a Copy of the Orders which he says you have Mislaid. Should he decline Pray give them to the next Officer in Rank who is present, and send forward the Troops as soon as Possible. The Assembly will doubtless be unwilling to meet before you are Advanced.

I am, Sir, with regard,
Yr. very Obt. St.,
Major Hogg.