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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Nicholas Long to Jethro Sumner
Long, Nicholas, ca. 1726-1797
August 05, 1782
Volume 16, Page 636


Halifax, 5th August, 1782.


Yours of ye 4th Instant, by Mr. Bates, received, concerning Waggons, &c.

I inform you that there is not an Assistant Deputy Quarter Master in this State subject to my Command at present. Those who have heretofore served have all resigned, nor have I one to assist me in any branch whatever. It’s therefore impossible I can send the Person you request to receive Waggons, &c., in Warren. It’s impossible I can, myself, with propriety, leave this Place. Should it lie in your power to appoint a proper person, who will undertake such business, I will thank you. It seems not to be in my Power here.

The Military Stores are sent to Kingston, agreeable to Order.

I am, Sir, your hble Servt.,
N. LONG, D. Q. M.