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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Martin to John Mathews
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807
June 09, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 689-690

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Williamsborough, June 9th, 1782.


I am honored with your letter of the 18th of May, relative to the intended expedition under General Marion against the Tories of Peedee and Drowning Creek and am happy to inform your Excellency

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that it will be in our power to co-operate with General Marion, having for this purpose ordered the State Legionary Troops, consisting of 250 men under the command of Major Joel Lewis now on Deep River, to march to Drowning Creek and join the General where he shall direct, and act jointly or separately as he shall judge proper.

By the advice of the Council a Proclamation will issue as soon as the Troops arrive in the Settlement of those people, notifying such of them as are Citizens of this State to surrender themselves in ten Days, renew their allegiance, and serve twelve months, in the Continental Battalions. On this consideration they will be pardoned and restored to every privilege of Citizens; precluding those guilty of murder, robbery, house burning, and crimes not justifiable by the Laws of War. On their refusal, such as are taken will be considered prisoners of war (excepting as aforesaid) and liable to exchange, if the enemy will exchange them for our captive Militia and other Citizens in Charles Town; otherwise they will be subjected to the penalties of the Treason Law.

I flatter myself General Marion will meet with every desired success, and soon reduce these people to obedience, so essentially necessary to the good of both States.

I shall at all times consider myself honored with your Excellency’s correspondence.

I am, &c.,