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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Annapolis, Maryland Council
Annapolis (Md.). Council
May 12, 1783
Volume 16, Pages 791-792

[From Executive Letter Book.]

At a meeting of the Corporation of the City of Annapolis, on Monday the 12th day of May, 1783.

Were present,

James Brice, Esquire, Mayor.
Samuel Chase, Esquire, Recorder.
Allen Quynn, Esquire, Alderman.
John Bullen, Esquire, Alderman.
John Brice. Esquire, Alderman.
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Frederick Green, Esquire, Common Council Man.
John Davidson, Esquire, Common Council Man.
William Goldsmith, Esquire, Common Council Man.
Beriah Mayberry, Esquire, Common Council Man.
John Chalmers, Esquire, Common Council Man.
Samuel H. Howard. Esquire, Common Council Man.

It being represented to the Corporation that the welfare and Interest of the United States, require that Congress should have a fixed place of residence and Jurisdiction and Judicial Powers within the same and over all persons, inhabitants or residing within the district allotted for their residence; and this City from its Centrical Situation to the Federal States, the convenience of the members of Congress to repair thither by land or water, the facility of receiving and conveying intelligence to Europe and its remarkable healthiness and Capacity of defence from any attack of an Enemy being in the opinion of this Corporation the most eligible place in the United States for the residence of the honorable Congress, and their Officers and Foreign Ministers,

Resolved, That the members of this Corporation be directed to consult the Citizens on this Subject and to take their Sentiments thereon and to report the same to this Corporation on Wednesday next.

Ordered that the following notice be set up at the State house and Market house and other public places in the City, to-wit:

At a Meeting of the Citizens of Annapolis is requested by the Corporation on Wednesday the 10th, in the morning at the house of Mr. Charles Ridgley to express their Sentiments if the General Assembly will offer this City and its precinct to Congress for their permanent residence whether they will agree to such offer, and consent to be subject to such Jurisdiction and power within the City and its precincts and over the Inhabitants and Residents thereof as the General Assembly shall think proper to grant the United States in Congress Assembled.