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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to Alexander Martin
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
April 11, 1787
Volume 20, Pages 666-667

(From Executive Letter Book.)

Kinston, April 11th, 1787.

Dear Sir:

Your Letter of the 1st Inst. is just at hand. Winston is returned but with a small sum in Cash, I have however exchanged some. Mr. Spaight is in as disagreeable a situation with regard to Cash as myself, he is to be here to-morrow when the Council is appointed to meet, we shall then determine whether he or myself or both are to go on the Convention; Dr. Williamson is appointed instead of Mr. Willie Jones and will go on, Congress have recommended by resolve, a Convention to be at Philadelphia for the same Purpose the second Monday in May, this I suppose will be the same Generally acceded to by the deputies; the first of May will be in that case Time enough for us to set out. Mr. Speight thinks the allowance not sufficient as ’tis probable the Convention may sit longer than we at first apprehended & as we are to acc’t he thinks with me, that ’tis best to draw one months further allowance, least we should be stinted as he was at Congress & obliged to run in debt, I have therefore enclosed you

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a Warrant for one months further allowance & as I presume you will not set out as soon as you mentioned you may have time to collect it. If I do not go forward I will do myself the pleasure of writing you frequently and shall always be happy in hearing from you & particularly on the subject of your deputation. I have forwarded Testimonials under the seal of the State to the papers relating to estates of Messrs. Farleys.

The Bearer cannot be prevailed upon to wait the determination of the Council, otherwise you should be more certainly informed of my going or stay, but I will if opportunity offers in any short Time write you further.

With the greatest Respect and Esteem.
I am Dr. Sir, Your most Obedient & very humble Servant,