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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to the North Carolina Council of State
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
April 14, 1787
Volume 20, Pages 667-668

(From Executive Letter Book.)

Mr. President—Gentlemen of the Council:

I lay before you a file of papers on which you did not think Proper to determine at your last meeting, but deferred for the Consideration of a full Board.

Also the following which have come to hand since, viz:

A Petition in favour of John Wallis for Horse Stealing;
A Petition in favour of Jas. Conner for a similar offence;
A Petition in favour of Richard Mattony also for horse stealing.
A Memorial from the Commissioners of Wilmington respecting an Embargo.
Report of a Court Martial in Craven on the Case of Capt. Roach, Genl. Armstrong will be able to give the fullest information on this business; a Letter from Genl. Polk requesting a warrant for his allowance as delegate to Congress for next year.
A Petition in favour of John McNees;
Do in favour of Mann Phillips;
Do in favour of James Holmes;
Do in favour of John Price;

I have granted Warrants to the Deputies appointed to attend the Convention proposed to be held in Philadelphia in May next for

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three months allowance, they are to acco’t for what they respectively receive, it is suggested that this sum may not be sufficient, will you advise Warrts. to issue for one month more. I am considerably in advance for public Expresses and the exigencies of the State particularly respecting the public Tobacco which is sold by the Delegates in Congress and Contracted to be delivered, re-inspected, within very short period as you will by the contract and communications on that head laid before you perceive such must be immediately employed.

Will you advise a warrant to issue in favour of my Secretary for a Sum not exceeding one hundred pounds to defray such expences to be accounted for.


Kinston, 14th April, 1787.