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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Testimony of John Butler concerning the actions of the Regulators
Butler, John, d. 1786
December 07, 1770
Volume 22, Pages 410-411

7th Dec., 1770.
Interrogatories put to John Butler, Esquire, Sheriff of the County of Orange, at the Bar of the House, the 7th day of Dec., 1770.

Q. 1. Did you ever meet with Obstructions in the Collection of public Taxes in your County?

Answer. He Advertised to receive public taxes at the House of ——,but was there prevented (in part) by a certain paper being delivered him by a number of Regulators, which paper he, the said John Butler, produced to the House.

Q. 2. Did you apply to any particular person of the Regulators for their Taxes, or make an attempt to restrain for the same?

Answer. He did apply to sundry persons, and their answer was, they would not pay till the public accounts were settled, and that he thinks had he attempted to distrain his life would have been in great Danger, but that he did distrain from one man and took a blanket into his possession.

Q. 3. Do not the regulators in Common associate with Mr. Hermon Husbands?

Answer. They are neighbors and act friendly, and in Common the Oppinion is that Mr. Husbands doth not Approve of their Conduct.

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Q. 4. Who are the Persons whom the people Complain of for Extortion and abuse of the Public?

Answer. Treasurers, Lawyers, Sheriffs, and Clerks.