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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Allen Jones to Thomas Burke
Jones, Allen, 1739-1807
July 29, 1781
Volume 22, Page 581


Wheeler’s, July 29th, 1781.

Governor Burke.


Enclosed are sundry Letters, to which I beg leave to refer you for all the Intelligence I have been able to collect. I should have sent Sooner, but detained the Express for Col. Parker’s last letter. The Troops gather slowly at Halifax. By a Return the 27th there were only 160, tho’ at present there are about 200. I believe as many have since come in. I have ordered Gen’l Eaton to arrest Capt. Wrenn, for by his shameful misconduct we have lost 150 Stand of Arms, which I am afraid it will put it out of our Power to arm our Men. Yesterday we had not more than 50 Guns in Camp. Col. Linton is in Halifax. He brought me a Letter from Gen’l Caswell, in which he acquainted me that he had been at large always in the Camp, and he came up without any Guard. I ordered him to stay within the limits of the town till I had your Directions. I think Linton’s Case a Peculiar one, and if it is consistent with the Laws of the State, I really wish he could be admitted to bail. He is a young Fellow of no fortune and has spent both his time and Money in the Service of the State, when others, who had more to lose, refused to take any share in the Public Burthen, but consulted their Personal Safety only. However, I wish you to act with your usual wisdom in this Case, and you will certainly satisfy

Your Excellency’s most Obedient Servant,

Intelligence. From Gen’l Jones, July 29th, 1781. Rec’d 30th, answered 31st.