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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Council of State
North Carolina. Council of State
October 15, 1779
Volume 22, Pages 957-958

State of North Carolina.
At a Council held at Halifax, October 15th, 1779.

Present—The Honorables Joseph Leech, Esq., President; Robert Bignall, John Simpson and William Whitfield, Esquires.

The Governor laid before the Board a statement of Colonel Long’s as D. Q. M. G. amounts, whereby it appears that he is largely in advance for the public.

Resolved, The Governor be advised to grant Nicholas Long, Esq., Deputy Quartermaster-General, warrants on the Treasury to the amount of sixty thousand pounds to enable him to procure forage for the ensuing campaigns, pay the armorer and for carts and boxes purchased by him for the army.

The Governor laid before the Board a certificate from Colonel Herritage, setting forth that Robert Williams, Jr., who was appointed Surgeon to the State regiment, hath in consequence thereof directed that duty from the 15th day of March last.

Resolved, therefore, The Governor be advised to direct the Paymaster to account with the said Robert Williams for this pay from that time.

His Excellency the Governor laid before the Board the memorial of Titus Ogden in behalf of himself, brother, Isaac Ogden, and servant, Jacob de Cugnon, setting forth that they were captured by a British privateer and carried into New York in February last, where they were detained as prisoners of war; that after remaining there some time, they were permitted to return on parole to North Carolina to settle their business, effect an exchange of prisoners or hold themselves in readiness to return; that a flag and four British prisoners, to-wit, David Stewart, First Lieutenant and Commander of the

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privateer Spitfire; John Russell, Second Lieutenant; Andrew McLean, Surgeon, and Thomas Ingles, merchant and passenger from Jamaica, was procured from the Governor by Thomas Ogden and sent to New York for the express purpose of exchanging the said prisoners for the said Titus and Isaac Ogden and servant, de Cugnon; that the said flag arrived there on the 1st day of April last; that on their arrival the Captain thereof, John Williams, and the aforesaid prisoners were, by order of Sir George Collien, Commander in Chief of the British navy, carried on board the Raisonable, where the said prisoners were detained and the flag ordered off without the parole of the said Isaac and Titus Ogden and servant, and without any person or prisoner in exchange therefor.

The Board having maturely and deliberately considered the said memorial, are of opinion that, by the delivery of the said David Stewart, John Russell, Andrew McLean and Thomas Ingles to the order of the Commander in Chief of the British navy, and no person or prisoner being liberated by the Commander in Chief or any other person in exchange for the aforesaid prisoners, the said Titus Ogden, Isaac Ogden and Jacob de Cugnon are thereby duly exchanged and exonerated from their parole; therefore recommend it to his Excellency the Governor to grant them permission to remain in this State as citizens thereof.

His Excellency the Governor laid before the Board the petition of George Cavey, Master of the flag which took the manifesto of the British Commissioners, who was detained as a prisoner of war, setting forth his distressed situation, praying to be admitted his parole to New York to effect an exchange or return in six months. The same being considered;

Resolved, The Governor be advised to grant him his parole to return to the city of New York to effect an exchange of prisoner of equal rank or return to this State within six months.

JOSEPH LEECH, President,