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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Council of State
North Carolina. Council of State
October 18, 1779
Volume 22, Pages 958-959

State of North Carolina.
At a Council held at Halifax, the 18th day of October, 1779.
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Present—The Honorables Joseph Leech, Robert Bignall, John Simpson and William Whitfield.

The Secretary laid before the Board sundry receipts for cash advanced express escorts with public money and British deserters, who, in consequence of a resolution of the Council, have been supplied with cash to defray their expenses through this State, whereby it appears he is in advance for the public;

Resolved, therefore, The Governor be advised to grant him a warrant on the Treasury for twenty-five hundred pounds, he accounting therefor with the next Geenral Assembly.

The Governor laid before the Board the petitions of Samuel Richardson, William Armstrong, William Adams, John Osborne, Moses Chitwood, Shadrick Chitwood, William Battle, Michael Sites and Frederick Wise, convicted of high treason at the last Superior Court at Salisbury and condemned to be executed therefor on the 5th of November next; also the recommendation of the jurors who passed on their trials in favor of several of them, and the petition of sundry others subjects of this State, recommending them for mercy. The Board taking the said petitions into consideration, are of opinion that it is absolutely necessary that the most atrocious of those offenders suffer punishment; therefore,

Recommend it to his Excellency to grant a reprieve to the said William Adams, Moses Chitwood, Shadrick Chitwood, Michael Sites, Frederick Wise, William Battle and John Osborne for ninety-nine years.