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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Dinwiddie to James Innes
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770
July 20, 1754
Volume 05, Pages 131-133

[Reprinted from Dinwiddie Papers. Vol. 1. P. 232.]
Governor Dinwiddie to Colonel Innes.

July 20, [1754.]


I rec'd Y'r two Letters of the 8th and 11th, and [you] refer me to one enclos'd, w'ch You forgot. The Misfortune attending our Expedit'n is entirely owing to the delay of Your Forces, and more particularly the two Ind't Compa's from N. Y.; how they can answer their disobedience to His Majesty's Com'ds I know not, and w'n You have review'd them, give me a particular Acc't. As to Y'r regim't I can say little to, as You are talking of disbanding them before they join the other Forces. I sh'd think the [£]12,000 has been ill managed, if expended already, or can I tell the Pay and Cha's attending them till this Time; they have been very dillatory and keep droping in one after another. Maj'r Rowan's Compa. took Shipping on Tuesday last for Alex'a; they all have call'd on me for Money to pay their Arrears, to buy Cloths, &c. The arrears, I think, should have been p'd in No. Car. in Y'r Paper Curr'cy. You gave me no Orders to advance Money, or can I do it; our own regim't has got all the Money I can spare, and that's attended with heavy Cha's to this Co't'y, and each Colony is to subsist, &c., their own Forces. The Pork gives but a poor Prospect of rais'g Money from its Conditition, [as to] w'ch [I] refer You to my former Letter, and y't Comodity is now sold at a large Credit, y't You can have no dependence on it for Cash,

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unless You order it to be sold at public Vendue. Colo. Hunter, Maj'r Carlyle and Self, are in Advance to Y'r regim't, and expect Paym't from the Produce of the Pork. I think if You can State the Acc't of Y'r Disbursem'ts and Cha's, You sh'd transmit the same to Mr. Dobbs (who is daily expected) and have his determinat'n w't You are to do for the Future, and it's probable he will find some Method of keeping Y'r regim't together for 8 Mo's longer. As for Y'r Operat's now, I desire You will call a Council of Y'r field Officers and consult a proper Place for building a Log Fort, and erecting a Magazine to receive 6 m's Provisions for 12 or 14 [sic?] men, as I think it's not prudent to march out to the Ohio till You have a sufficient Force to attack the Enemy, and y't You be properly provided with every thing for y't purpose. The Independ't Compa's, I think, sh'd remain there, and w't of Y'r regim't You may think proper; the other You may order to Alexa. and Win[chester] for some Time, and y't they may be ready at a Call. I am told You can, from the Forces, hire workmen sufficient to build the Fort and Magazine. Maj'r Carlyle will agree with them to pay so much a day for their Labour, and supply Tools, Nails, &c.; this, I think is w't is proper to be done at present. The French Prisoners are to be ret'd by the Articles agreed on by our People and the French, and [I] shall, therefore, send them up to You soon, to be sent by a proper Escort, and to have the two Hostages ret'd. Capt. Clark has wrote me for leave to go Home. He, nor those Compa's deserve any Indulgence, from their unaccountable delays, w'ch they must answer to higher Powers; however, as You are Com'd'r in Chief, if You see Proper, You may give him a Furlow for some Months. I promised Capt. McKay leave to go Home to his Family, You may some Time hence give him leave, but to return again in Jan'ry next. Colo. Muse desires leave to resign his Com'd; as he is not very agreeable to the other Officers, I am well pleas'd at his resignat'n, and have now sent You ten blank Com'o. to be filled up properly, take the advice of Colo. W. in this affair as they must be fill'd up from their own Corps. The late unlucky Engagm't gives me Concern, however, we must look forwards in hopes of turning the tables on the Enemy; w'ch I am not willing to venture till You have a sufficient Force and proper Supplies. I sent up the Small Arms, Bayonets, Powder, and Shott for Y'r People, w'ch Maj'r Carlyle tells me arriv'd safe at Alexa'a, and I doubt not You have properly disposed of, as before. I can give no Orders for entertaining Y'r regim't, as this Dom'n will maintain none but their own Forces, You must, therefore, write Mr. Dobbs on the affair, and the sooner the better. Enclosed I send You a Let'r and Deposit'n, to w'ch I refer You. After Y'r Fort and Magazine is built, I suppose
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the Independ't Compa's may expect a little Recess in coming to proper Places down the Co't'y, tho' to be at call; in that case You must always take care to have a proper [force] at the Fort and Magazine, so that two Compa's at least be there. If leave be given to one Compa. for a Mo., on their return another [is] to have the same Leave, but this or any other Affairs y't be necessary, I desire may be settled at Y'r Council of War. Write how the Officers of the Independ't Compa's and those of our Forces are likely to agree, w'ch I expect You will by Y'r Authority Endeav'r to promote, y't everything may be conducted with Order for the benefit of the Service. I am quite weary, must therefore leave off, expecting soon to hear from You, and

I am, S'r, Y'r h'ble Serv't.
Maj'r Carlyle will receive Y'r Orders for supplying Y'r regim't for the Pres't.