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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Houston, James Kenan, and Joseph Dickson to Richard Caswell
Houston, William, d. ca. 1795; Kenan, James, 1740-1810; Dickson, Joseph, 1745-1825
July 17, 1777
Volume 11, Page 523

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Duplin Court House, 17th July, 1177.

To His Excellency Richard Caswell Esq Governor of the State of North Carolina.
May it Please Your Excellency:

Upon receividg the information & deposition of Wm. Whealy, who swore against Felix Kennan and Richard Brocas, we have sent out men to apprehend them, and Brocas being taken, and not having the laws to direct us in what manner we should proceed against him, have thought it best to send him to your Excellency. We have men after Kennan, and if it should be improper to send him to you also when taken, please to inform us by the Bearer, Mr. John Molton our Sheriff. We are not able to make any discovery of the plot by any person that we have called upon as yet. We shall exert every nerve in our power to discover the combination.

We are Your Excellency's most obed't. Hum'le. Serv'ts.,
Wm. HOUSTON, Chairman.

P. S. Have sent the deposition with this Sheriff and Brocas.