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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from John Kelly et al. concerning clemency for Thomas Estridge
Kelly, John; Mebane, Alexander, 1744-1795; Tatom, Absalom, 1741-1802; Et Al.
Volume 19, Pages 931-933


To the Honorable the Assembly of North Carolina:


As Clemency and Mercy have ever been Attributes of our Legislature, and your Honorable Body out of Tender Compassion to the feelings of Humanity, have ever been ready to spare such as are truly penitent of those unhappy Citizens who have been deluded by the Artifices of the Enemy, We pray your attention to the following favorable Circumstances in the character of Him who is the Object of this Petition and is now under Sentence of Death for High Treason.

-------------------- page 932 --------------------

He is not Charged with Felonies or Exceptions from the Proclamation. The Uniform Uprightness of his Private Character, his surrendering himself within the Privilege of the Proclamation, his Humane Treatment and Great Good Services to our Citizens who had fallen into the Hands of our Enemies. Which some of us have experienced, his sincere penitence for his past Offences, joined to the Consideration of a Wife and a Number of Small Children, We hope will induce your Honorable body to mark him as an Object of mercy.

John Kelly, J. S. C.,
Jo. Rice, C. H.,
A. Tatom,
Samuel Allen,
Robt. Tinnin,
Richard Fossett,
Lewis Jones, Cap.,
John Waggoner,
John Young,
Jesse Benton,
David Fossett,
John Carrigon,
Johos Thompson, Capt.,
Thos. Nerley,
Henry Mason,
Wm. Comf,
John Thompson,
James Elliott,
Thomas Durham,
Thos. Farmer,
John Ray, J. P.,
Martin Palmer,
Jos. Allison,
James Carrington,
William Cain, Esq.,
George Riggs, Sen.,
Jas. Mebane, Shf.,
W. Douglas, Capt.,
D. H. Christmas,
John Elliott,
David Lewis,
James Hunter,
Thomas Cate,
Andrew Mitchell,
Wm. Tesle,
Richard Hargreave,
Pomfrette Herndon,
William McKee,
Thomas Cate,
William Troudale,
Rehert Scobey, Capt.,
Alex. Mebane, C. C.,
Robert Baldrigg,
Mathew McCauley,
Matthew Durham,
Joseph Stallworth,
Wm. Courtney,
Wm. Jameson,
Wm. Rodgers,
Wm. Whitted,
Andr. Murdock,
John Nichols,
Philip Jackson,
Andr. Armstrong,
Chryston Peterson,
George Longe,
Wm. Wily,
Charles Johnston,
Samuel Hawkins,
Thomas Pratt,
B. Leonard,
John Butler,
Hugh, Tinnin, Colo.,
John Taylor, J. P.
Wm. McCauley, Maj.,
Elimus Daniel,
Davie Craig,
George Rigs,
Christo. Barbee,
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John Couplan,
John Allison,
Samuel Eakin,
John Allen,
Jno. Kitt,
Joseph Moore,
David Bradford,
John Liney,
Alex. Malcom,
John Hunter.