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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from William Horton et al. concerning clemency for William Dale
Horton, William; Cumming, William, 1724-ca. 1797; Davie, William Richardson, 1756-1820; Et Al.
Volume 19, Pages 933-934


To the Honourable Alexander Martin, Esquire, Governor of the State of North Carolina:

We have the utmost confidence that your Honor will never be wearied with exercising the Mercy of Government, happy that the Supreme Magistrate is possessed of powers for the benign purposes of softening the rigour of General Law and sensible that your Honour will enjoy a pleasure in administering Mercy, where it will be done with propriety. We feel assured that the following Reasons will induce your Honor to turn off the edge of the Judicial Sword from the Unfortunate Object of the Petition; he is now under Sentence of Death for horse stealing, which Dureing the Tryal seem’d rather his Misfortune than his Crime. The former fairness & Integrity of his Moral Character, his firm Attachment to the Cause of Liberty, spirited services in behalf of his Country, Join’d with the united Wishes of his neighbours & fellow Citizens we doubt not will have sufficient influence with your Honour to avert the Execution and Restore the Unfortunate Youth to his Friends & the fond prospect of Life.

Wm. Horton, Capt.,
James Scarlett,
Robert Forsyth,
Thos. Johns,
Peter McFarling,
John Carrington, Sen.,
George Carrington,
Nathaniel Carrington,
Henry Hargrove,
Thomas Head,
R. Bennehan,
Wm. Johnston,
Learus Tilley,
Nehemiah Edge,
Archer Harris,
James Clark,
Robert Clark,
Patrick Clark,
Nathaniel Clark,
Thomas King,
Arthur Mangum,
Charles Ashley,
James Ashley,
Richard Rickets,
Jesse Walker,
James Cunington, Esq.,
Thom. Tilley,
John Hunt,
James Vaughan,
Jas. Pearl,
Andrew Brooks,
Wm. Cumming,
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John Nickols, J. P.,
William Cain, Esq.,
James Moore,
Edward Wood,
Charles Horton,
Thomas Sutton,
James Bachstar,
James Horton,
John Horton,
Stephen Horton,
Stephen Wilson,
Harrison Wood,
William R. Davie,
John Taylor, J. P.,
William Courtney,
Robert McEntire,
John Kelly,
Patk. St. Lawrence,
John Allison,
Andr. Armstrong,
Benjamin Leonard,
James Bristow,
Thos. Farmer,
Josiah Watts.